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Frequently Asked

Creating a custom software application requires much thought and consideration, and it therefore also raises many questions. Many of the most common one's are posted below. We hope that you will find them helpful. In the event that your particular issue is not addressed here, please feel free to email us. A representative will be more than happy to supply an answer regarding any question or concern that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Question:  What makes Trans Tech Writer© So Different?
Answer:   Trans Tech Writer© (TTW) was designed BY Transmission Shop owners and technicians SPECIFICALLY FOR Transmission shops. Although we are proud to have created the program, the features are the result of 50 hours of onsite shop visits with shop owners and actual customer interaction over a 2 year period followed by the Thousands of programming hours that went into the features that make it work. Additionally, and unlike nearly every other current shop applcation, TTW is NOT an insecure internet application. To understand the architectual advantages, please go to the LOG IN page and download the Power Point demo!
Question:  In today's economy, my shop also does general repairs. Will Trans Tech Writer© do that also?"?
Answer:    Trans Tech Writer© can handle any type of automotive repair. Additionally, future versions of TTW will include a special module to address the general repair diagnostics in the same way that they currently deal with Automatic Transmission pre-checks. And the best part is ... it will be free! All applications from Software Dynamics will always include free updates for all customers, and we will NEVER charge for new and addtional features to existing programs.
Question:  Can you really add "Query Log ©" to a trial that is already underway ?
Answer:    Definitely! Documentation about "documents" is quite different from documentation about "subjects". Incorporating a better solution to analyze, control, and record the issues that come up during the clinical trial process, at any point during the process, is a highly desirable action to take and can greatly improve the issues of subject safety, accuracy of results and speed to NDA approval while simultaneously and significantly cutting costs.  
Question:  What About "Simplicity©"?
Answer:    Our 'Simplicity' Clinical Trial application is our flagship product and is truly a special case. Because of the special circumstances and demands that go with a clinical trial application, specifically the special adherence to FDA regulations and CFR 21 Part 11 expertise, we maintain a group of FDA experts and consultants to assist in the creation and support of Simplicty©. This is in addition to our in house CRA's (Certified Clinical Research Associates) and specially qualified programmers that write and support each custom version of Simplicity© that is produced.  
Question:  How does SQL Elite create Stored Procedure inserts for Server based queries?
Answer:   Let me put it this way....it just does! And it does it perfectly and immediately. One very nice feature is that you can view it right along side of the equivalent SQL query and use either one in your program of choice. We have documented cases from professional database management and software developers where they have literally turned an 8 hour day into less than an hour using SQL Elite. You can view testimonials an even download a working trial version of SQL Elite by going to the PRODUCTS tab on this website and downloading a working sample.  
Question:  Was Perfect Jury designed for defense attorneys or prosecuting attorneys?
Answer:   Perfect Jury was originally designed as a court based tool to be able to move jurors through the Voir Dire process as they went through the day for jury selection. However, it was quickly discovered that it's live interface could become an invaluable tool for the attorneys from either side to be able to determine whether of or not a juror should be selected. In a test case in New Jersey, a lower court judge ruled that the software was so good that it could not be used as a jury selection tool, however, this decision was overturned by the Court of Appeals and Perfect Jury is now being reviewed by the California State Supreme Court as a possible tool to be used in all state courtrooms!  

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