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"On Time, On Budget, Performance as Promised"

Frequently Asked

Question:  Can you write a program for any business?
Answer:    Frankly, Yes...and the chances are that we have already created a program that is a close fit for your need. However, the advantage of creating a custom application is that you do not have to settle for it. Because each business has its own idiosyncrasies, you can choose to modify an existing program and have it tailored for your special need or you can choose to create an application from scratch.

Question:  What is the average cost of a custom application?
Answer:    Since no two custom applications are exactly the same, no two will ever cost the same amount. You may be surprised at how little it can cost to have it exactly your way. Use our contact page to call us and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff give you a free estimate based on your exact needs.
Question:  Are your custom applications as good as "proven boxed software"?
Answer:    In fact, they are FAR superior! The only proven thing about boxed software is that a good advertising budget can sell anything to anybody. Boxed software is created with a "one size fits all" mentality and comes complete with many inherent errors which require service packs and constant updates. Technical support is both limited and frustrating. With a custom application, you get one on one attention and discrepancies, if any, are handled immediately. Simply put, "You get to have it your way!". 
Question:  How long does it take to create a new custom program?
Answer:    No two programs, even of the same type, are exactly alike. Complex programs that are designed for multiple companies to use, could take as long a year to make. Other applications, such as the Simplicity EDC/CTMS Clinical Trail application, that are designed to be used and then adapted to particular study, normally take from 90 to 120 days to adapt for a particular protocol, depending on the complexity of the protocol; however, we once created a Query Log solution to append to an existing clinical trial and, with excellent cooperation from the CRO, had it ready 5 days after receiving the completed format information and document request! 

Question:  What about Technical Support for my custom product?
Answer:   This is one of the great features of a custom application. Support personnel are specially selected to become experts on a limited number of program applications, and every specialist, including the actual program designer, are available to you if and when they are needed.    


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