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Downloads... for the Convenience of our Clients, Friends and Visitors

Software-Dynamics is proud to both use and recommend the following applications and software enhancement tools. Please use the links below to view presentations of our applications or to get popular files from our associates to enhance or update your windows experience. All programs listed below are completely free!

If you would like ask questions about any of these applications or would like to make a comment or suggestion about what you like to see included on this page, please use our contact page to let us know what your thoughts are. We look forward to hearing from you.

Software Dynamics Presentations

See Simplicity presentation or movie

See Query Log presentation

See Ticket Logger presentation

See Perfect Jury presentation

See Trans Tech Writer presentation

Vendor Programs

PDF Creator  - You can create PDF's, merge multiple documents easily and encrypt them as well....free

Form Mail - Still the best Perl Script for sending mail forms with HTML...free

Visual Studio Express Editions - Get express editions of C#, Visual Basic, Web Developer, Visual Studio, and MS SQL Server....free

Sharp Develop - Open Source and Works perfect...free

INNO Windows Installer - Open Source & as good as any Windows Installer costing thousands...Highly Recommend...free

Firefox - We love this program! If you are still using the Interent Explorer browser....STOP! For security and operational efficiency, you cannot beat Firefox ...free

Thunderbird Mail - You can spend all you want, but there is nothing better. Use it with Firefox (recommended) or without ...free

7 ZIP  - we all need compression programs to zip and unzip all sorts of files from all sorts of sources. 7-Zip handles plenty of formats, bundles files tightly and unzips them fast....free

WS FTP Lite Edition - One of the first. It was so good and easy to use that they STOPPED making it! This lite version is free to Students and Non Business users. Pro version also available.

Paint.NET  - this beauty of a program is simply amazing. Features such as a gradient tool that blends images and colors in real time to generate stunning effects, layer manipulation and a battery of slick filters make this one of the best graphics editors you're likely to find. ...free

Essential PIM  - is a suite of utilities (minus e-mail) to help you organize your time, contacts and chores. Its Notes program is excellent and lets you include graphics and hyperlinks, and its classy color-coded Scheduler can be printed out for daily, weekly or monthly tasks....free

Open Office  - a full-fledged word processor, an industrial-sized spreadsheet program, a powerful presentation utility, a strong graphics program and a professional-caliber database compiler, all comparable to the best Microsoft has to offer...and it's completely free!

CD Burner XP 4.5 - if you just want the basics, here's your utility. Easily burn music or data to discs without the hassle. You can create your own audio discs with no gaps between songs, bootable discs and high-def discs in Blu-ray format....free

Stickies  - Create your own colorful notes, align them to the side of your desktop or let them stand free-form, attach them to specific Web pages where they'll remain when you revisit a week later, or assign them to a specific file or folder. They can be timed to pop up as reminders...free

Word Web  - WordWeb is one of the best digital versions of a dictionary and thesaurus I've seen. Simply install, go to any printed word on your document or Web site and press control-right click, and Word Press will instantly display definitions and synonyms, and also provide immediate access to online Wikipedia and Wiktionary references to the word as well....free

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