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"On Time, On Budget, Performance as Promised"



Software-Dynamics is always looking for "A Few Good Men and Women! "

Software-Dynamics is becoming an industry leader in the creation of custom applications for the management of Clinical Trials that use Electronic Data Capture. The company has earned the trust of its clients by combining old style ethics with 21st century technology. To set the pace for the industry in this new and fast paced field, we have put our faith in our own people. We believe that having the best people doing the right job is a critical component to advancing our agenda and will help us to keep and maintain a leadership position over the long term.

Software-Dynamics seeks to identify and attract people with superior talent, skills and positive attitudes. To achieve this goal, we strive to create an environment that rewards both effort and achievement, producing an atmosphere of continuous learning and improvement which further results in the highest levels of performance among all our employees. As people share common goals and engage each other to solve problems in this unique and inclusive culture, we are able to expand on the abilities of employees at all levels and to further build the foundation that will produce the future leaders of the company.

Recognizing the right opportunity and the right time is not luck. As Software-Dynamics seeks to fill the gap created by the short supply of talented people with the necessary skills and the number of positions that need to be filled to move forward, we encourage people that possess a high level of skill in these areas to submit a CV/Resume to us for consideration. The opportunity is here. Now is the right time to start looking for a career instead of a job. Give us a shout. We'll hear you!

Summary of Postings
*Technology* *Clinical* *Administrative*

Programmers: Experienced in C Sharp, ASPX, Java, PHP, and MSSQL. SQL, Oracle desirable. Previous experience with medical applications a plus... see all

System Administration: Windows Server, IIS (Unix & Apache a plus), Cisco (CCNA a plus)...see all

Technical Support: Experienced with Windows desktop client operation. Previous experience with customer support helpful. Crystal clear English, Patience and Manners are an absolute must...
see all

Monitors: In House/Regional - Minimum 5 years in Clinical Trials, high level of expertise with FDA regulations and the clincial trial process...see all

System Validation Auditors: Must be highly experieced with FDA regulations for system validation and CFR 21 Part 11 compliance... see all

Publisher: Create Online magazine pages, including graphics. Convert files to various formats. Composition,  Editing...see all

Data Entry: Create documents from text, create pages, upload, manipulate data, manage format conversions... see all

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